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Fast gas disconnection needed for Medical Centre demolition

Medical Centre disconnection


Medical centre gas disconnection delivered in just 13 working days.

Customer requirement

An existing gas supply and meter were obstructing planned demolition works at a medical centre prior to redevelopment at the location. The customer required works within a three week window to enable an on time handover of the site to the developer.

Challenges and solution

Working with the customer, we were able to allocate a disconnection date just 13 working days after their order. Although we could mobilise our engineers quickly, relevant permissions were needed from both the Local Authority and Gas Network Owner before works could commence.

We liaised with the Local Authority to negotiate a street works licence within the short timescales and we were able to speed up the Network's approval process, needed to disconnect, getting the go ahead in just 2 working days – better than half the standard approval timescales.

The gas disconnection and meter removal works were completed on time, with us disconnecting 10 metres of low pressure steel gas service pipe and removing the gas meter.

Upgrade works to meet bakery’s growing gas demands

Bakery upgrade


Upgrade of existing gas supply to meet Bakery’s growing needs.

Customer requirement

In the face of growing sales and increasing electricity costs, the bakery sought a more cost effective solution for their production needs.

Challenges and solution

The Bakery had an existing gas supply but baked using electric ovens. Converting these would triple their gas load requirement making the design solution crucial to project feasibility. We also had to ensure that the required gas disconnection and subsequent installation would not disrupt daily production.

Working with the customer, we identified the most cost effective solution - an internal installation at the front of the bakery running parallel to the existing service which was disconnected. This was confirmed during a site visit from one of our local engineers, who ensured the route would be feasible.

The project was delivered by installing 16 metres of 63mm low pressure gas service pipe that terminated internally with a U25 (commercial) gas meter. We also disconnected 19 metres of 32mm low pressure gas service pipe, ensuring continuity of the gas supply to the bakery in the process.

New gas supply for renovated Church

Church Renovation


Installation of a new gas supply and meter as part church renovation works.

Customer requirement

The Church, originally a religious Mission Hall and consecrated as a Church in 1915, wanted to switch to natural gas as part of wider improvement works.

Challenges and solution

Our local field engineer carried out a pre-installation site visit three weeks before works were due to start. An issue with the proposed meter location was identified and after immediate consultation with our Design team, the necessary alterations were made.

The quick actions of our team ensured that the installation, 9 metres of 63mm low pressure gas service pipe terminating in an external gas meter kiosk, was completed on time and in line with the timescales requested by the Church. On completion the Church’s representative said "I would like to thank you for the job done and to say that all the workers on site who I spoke to were consistently helpful and a pleasure to do business with.”

Fast connections ensure restaurants open on time

restaurants fast connections


A highly time sensitive installation of three new commercial gas supplies for well known restaurant chains in a major shopping precinct.

Customer requirement

Bluewater required the installation of gas services and GC4 (commercial) gas meter kiosks to feed three new restaurants - 'Balans', 'Wahaca' and 'Jamie's Italian' in their Plaza.

With contracts in place and timescales to meet, Bluewater needed a fast installation to deliver the spaces to the retailers.

Challenges and solution

This was a technically complex project with engineering difficulties that included roof top meter positions and welded steel mains.

Following a site survey, our engineers and designers worked closely to design a solution that could be delivered on time. We installed 60 metres of low pressure steel gas service pipe from the existing gas mains, which terminated in three separate GC4 (commercial) kiosks to supply the three new restaurants in the Plaza. On completion of the works, the client said:

"I would like to thank you for making sure that all our gas supplies were installed to our retail units within the tight deadlines we had. Without this we would not have met our official opening date for the restaurants. Your continued support and feedback was appreciated and due to your action I will ensure that you will be considered for any future works. Please pass my thanks to all your team that made it happen."

Minimum fuss gas works during term time at University

University gas works


Various gas works at Loughborough University.

Customer requirement

Loughborough University needed a variety of gas works as part of a redevelopment on their campus. The university would remain open during the works, so it was important that they were completed efficiently to minimise campus disruption.

Challenges and solution

As the University remained open, we had to ensure that the existing gas supply and traffic movement was not affected. To achieve this, we used effective traffic management and excavation techniques and split the works into two parts.

First, we moved the existing supply, making sure that it was positioned sufficiently away from where the new development’s walls would be built. Second, we installed a new medium pressure service, laid 90mm outlet pipework from the meter housing into the building and fitted and commissioned the gas meter. All works were completed on time and with the minimum fuss.